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Susan Guyette, Ph.D. (Métis – Micmac and Acadian French heritage) has over 25 years of direct experience working with indigenous and rural communities in cultural tourism, as well as cultural centers and museums and native foods.


Susan Guyette, Ph.D.




Small-Scale Solutions


Cultural tourism of the future will foster authenticity and learning experiences through small-scale, linked networks of enterprises. This book presents a value-based planning and development method for cultural tourism coming from within the community context. Through planning and sustainable practices, tourism can support earned livelihood, cultural retention, and resource protection.


375 pages                          

Bear Path Press

ISBN   978-0-9858788-0-1       $34.95                

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Sustainability is possible through a worldview that respects cultural values and natural cycles, rather than a linear, profit-based economic perspective. The approach taken in this practical guide emphasizes a cyclical process of community-based evaluation and redirection. Indigenous methodology points the way.

Susan Guyette is the author of Planning for Balanced Development: A Guide for Rural and Native American Communities, the co-author of the award winning Zen Birding: Connect in Nature, the author of several texts for American Indian Studies, as well as the newspaper column “Everyday Green” for the Green Fire Times. She is the owner of Santa Fe Planning & Research in New Mexico (USA).

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